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What to do with the clippings – part four

October 8, 2010


    Mmmmm, who likes soy sauce?  Think you’d like it as much if it was made from human hair?  Thought not. But, according to Boing Boing, a few years back a Chinese company got in trouble for making the logical leap that, since human hair is rich in protein, it could be chemically processed […]

Vote for “The Devils”

September 15, 2010


No, not the devil himself with a silly tail and pointy horns (you all missed that opportunity.) This idea is based on Oliver “I’ve tried every form of facial hair I can think of” Reed from the 1971 film, The Devils. But his beard isn’t quite pointy enough, so it’s being coupled with the equally […]

Vote for “Shipwrecked”

September 15, 2010


Otherwise known as “leaving it alone” or “The Man.” Hang on, isn’t this a complete cop out? Well, not really. You see, almost as many people have pledged to donate cash so as not to see Phill get rid of his hirsute appearance as have suggested changes, making this a slight favourite at the outset. […]

A stiff upper lip

September 7, 2010


Well if the barnet and the beard were going to come in for some stick, the top lip was hardly going to get away scott free. And so it came to pass – a whole range of tashes from swishy, switch-back numbers, to the ginormous Dick Strawbridge version. Inevitably, Dad features – so that’s always […]