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A week’s worth of whiskers

October 8, 2010


Click here to donate if you haven’t already And now, the end is here, but rather than final curtains, it’s more of a short back and sides that I seem to have reached. Sadly (perhaps) after a few months of frivolity, the whiskers have to go – else I’ll get turned away from a wedding […]

Vote for “The Half and Half”

September 15, 2010


OK, so quite a few of people suggested some kind of “half and half” and sent in various ideas, which are displayed in the Gallery. To make things even more interesting, there’s been a lot of talk of removing the hair from the opposite sides of head and face – as the mock-up shows – […]

Leave it alone

September 14, 2010


One thing that has been unexpected so far is the lobby, building momentum, that wants the hair and the beard to stay just as they are.  Now, remember, this is how they are… Which makes those of you that don’t want anything to change perhaps even stranger than the people who have submitted all kinds […]

Stark shaving mad!

September 6, 2010


Yes, yes, I know – shaving was always going to feature highly – in fact I know that what has been received so far only scratches the surface, so to speak! What I can tell you is that some of the cruelest ideas definitely come into this category – like the strange “monk boy” image […]