Our chosen charity

Centrepoint logoThere are undoubtedly a lot of good causes to support and it crossed our mind to support a number of them, associating one with each of the suggested styles.

But as we didn’t want the choice of charity to affect how you vote, we’ve decided that all donations will go to Centrepoint.

Centrepoint works with young people who often have little sense of self-worth or self-respect and helps them to tackle the underlying issues behind their homelessness and focus on the positive aspects of their lives; helping them to become resolute, resourceful and resilient.

In 2006-07, at least 75,000 young people experienced homelessness in the UK.  The first UK-wide study of youth homelessness for a decade, conducted by Centrepoint and York University, with funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that youth homelessness remains a major problem in society today.

Centrepoint works to support those young people who are on a downward spiral, to give them a chance to turn their lives around and build a more fulfilling future.

To this end, over 98% of Centrepoint young people have a support and development plan, which helps them to believe in their future and put together a dynamic plan to achieve their goals.  Centrepoint will then support them in whatever way it can, be it learning practical skills through the Lifewise programme, preparing for work with the horticultural scheme or taking part in voluntary work.

“We want the 825 young people with whom we work each day to have a safe place that they can call home, and all the support they need to develop firm foundations for a brighter future.

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