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Personal Branding Online

January 22, 2012


Reputation matters, it’s why large organisations spend so much time and money to build, manage and maintain theirs and why the results can be so devastating for companies and individuals when the tide turns against them. Once tarnished, a reputation can be incredibly difficult to rebuild. Whilst it’s always been like that, the advent of […]

What to do with the clippings – part five

October 8, 2010


    OK, I’ll be honest, this one requires a bit of a double take but, sticking on the green theme, how’s about taking a giant pile of human hair and – turning it into a solar panel to help developing countries? Yep, that’s what I thought. But an 18 year old from rural Nepal […]

What to do with the clippings – part two

September 28, 2010


Well, if cleaning up the oil isn’t going to work, how’s about using the floor sweepings for something else environmentally friendly like growing food? That’s exactly what a Canadian company has been doing for years, using human hair to weave mats for plant roots to cling to and thrive. Which may well explain this. But […]

What to do with the clippings – part one

September 26, 2010


Whatever happens come Friday, there’s likely to be a considerable amount of leftovers, so what can be done with all that hair?  Well, it turns out that a decade or so ago NASA decided to try to use human hair as a way of cleaning up oil spills. I’m not sure what happened to the […]