What’s this all about?

To go one day without shaving may be considered lazy.  A couple could count as designer stubble.  Beyond that and you’re either ‘creative’ or ‘wise’ – with a healthy respect for the environment….

But notwithstanding the fact that history has often smiled on the bearded, Phill’s face has gone beyond a joke.  His Mum’s not happy.  His Dad’s already sporting a massive tash – and his brother’s stick-on version’s fooling nobody!

Mum isn't very impressed Honestly, what would your mother say?

But coupled with his frankly ridiculous hair, it’s about time we crowd-sourced a solution, and that’s where you come in.

We want Phill to go from his current Bee Gees meets Big Foot & the Hendersons look back to something altogether more sensible – but as we all know, no man can shave off a beard like this without trying out a range of intermediate stages first..

Only this time, it’s you who gets to decide whether he keeps a mullet and a moustache, sports the kind of facial hair Wolverine would be proud of, or dons a Don Corleone before returning to something more normal.

Back to something more like this.

So here’s the deal.  Send us your ideas for what you think Phill should do next by Wednesday September 15th.

You can draw it on a piece of paper, find an image on the internet or design something on a Mac, whatever you want to get your idea across.

Then, just like Tony Hart, we’ll upload the best ideas in a Gallery and ask you to vote for the one you want to see come to fruition.

Votes will be accompanied by a donation to charity and Phill will be obliged to honour the suggestion that gets the most money behind it and sport that style for a whole week – from October 1st to October 8th.

Sending in your ideas >

5 Responses “What’s this all about?” →
  1. Got to be a Bowl cut and hitler tash

  2. Got to be the guy from Byker Grove – you know, the old guy that looked like he might have been grooming Ant and Dec…


  3. Phill Lane

    September 3, 2010

    Think you may be using “grooming” in a different context…


  4. wyn johnson

    September 15, 2010

    got to be the bowl cut and hitler moustache

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