A week’s worth of whiskers

Posted on October 8, 2010


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And now, the end is here, but rather than final curtains, it’s more of a short back and sides that I seem to have reached.

Sadly (perhaps) after a few months of frivolity, the whiskers have to go – else I’ll get turned away from a wedding tomorrow…and that would be a shame. 

But the whiskers have stood proud on a whole bunch of engagements this week, from my sister’s birthday party to several hours shopping on Oxford Street (good in the menswear department of Selfridges, less good in the girls’ bit of Top Shop…)

They’ve amused students on buses, thrived in Shoreditch House, negotiated afternoon tea in Sketch (particularly tricky with the cream and jam combos) and strutted their stuff in a top hat!

So for all the statos out there, how have we done?

Well, we’ve had 3,000 visitors, more than 80 ideas submitted and £435 donated for Centrepoint, which is great.  But you can still donate here so please do if you haven’t already – it’d be brilliant to nudge that over £500.

And if you need encouragement, last week I  had a drink with someone who works for Centrepoint who told me that, of a recent group of homeless people who came to them in need of help, they’ve recently found work for 10 out of 14 of them – in the middle of a job market where even grads are struggling.  So if you can, dip deep and help them out.

This saga is pretty much over, theirs is ongoing.

Will the facial hair return for a sequel?  Possibly, but not in the short-term.  Though with Movember just around the corner, I’d urge everyone to become a have a grow hero for another good cause.

So, until next time…