A cut above

Posted on September 14, 2010


The Hair to the throne

Man hands on misery to man – or so the poem goes.  But some people, rather than showing their sadistic side have opted instead for a more benevolent approach.

I was, for instance, rather pleased to see a hirsute Prince William being suggested as a role model for the simple reason that he too supports Centrepoint as their patron, in which capacity, in December last year, he spent a night on the street to raise awareness for the charity.

Midfield or leftfield?

Whilst it was, however, suggested that this would be fitting not for the above reasoning but because I, like William, am losing my hair something other submissions have failed to take into consideration that asking me to cut my hair like David Beckham or Jonny Depp will not make me look like them!

Scissor hands

Seriously, I know it’s been a while, but this isn’t like removing bandages, I think I’ll probably still look like I did before the “accident.”

So, got an idea that you haven’t sent in yet? Now’s your chance.  The deadline is Wednesday, midday.

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