Colour me beautiful

Posted on September 7, 2010


Green with envy?

I remember a story about a law firm that got in trouble in the press for offering its staff sessions on how to groom themselves for work, with a particular emphasis on how to choose colours that matched their skin tone.

I doubt, however, whether the course included the advice as to how to colour your beard!

Purple sprouting Billy

Or whether any of these candidates went on such a course before taking these plunges into the world of colour.

The last time I saw purple of the kind sported by Billy Connolly it was on my Nana, and even she’s stayed away from the purple rinse ever since.


Though it’s great for puns – I’ve gone from “purple patch” to “violet offender” and everything in between…

Bluebeard’s a little more obvious, but not if I have to do it like this!

Hair of London

Which brings me to one of the sweetest submissions so far – “Calm down Boris” – of course, not the Boris I immediately thought of who gets enough attention for his mop of yellow hair, but an altogether more orange version.

If any of these have left you seeing red, you’ve still got plenty of time to submit an idea of your own.

Thinking caps on.

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