Who said anything about costumes?

Posted on September 6, 2010


Ding dong

The problem with crowd sourcing is the crowd – and you lot are ad-libbing left, right and centre!

There are ideas that involve changing the dates, some that involve removing all of my hair and implanting it half way down my face (I’m not kidding) and some (actually quite a few) that are gearing up for a counter-campaign to see if they can raise more money to pay to leave the hair and beard exactly as it is – weird!

Taking it too fur?

But one of the categories that has grown up all by itself involves costumes.

Ermin features a great deal – as do rather tight trousers.  I’m not ruling it out – that’s in your hands – but when someone suggests that I “leave everything alone until Christmas, dye it white and then you can be Santa Claus” it does makes you think…

Got a better suggestion?

Let’s hear it then.

PS – someone also suggested “with that beard you should dress like God” – I’m still trying to get my head around that one!

Ho, ho, ho

I get the point

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