Stark shaving mad!

Posted on September 6, 2010


Monk boy

Yes, yes, I know – shaving was always going to feature highly – in fact I know that what has been received so far only scratches the surface, so to speak!

Not half

What I can tell you is that some of the cruelest ideas definitely come into this category – like the strange “monk boy” image to the right – sent in by someone who is actually a fashion stylist by profession!

Maybe, it’s actually trendy?  Who am I to say?

What I can say is that shaving seems to be right up there with whiskers and tashes as some of the more popular suggestions so far.

The half and half has been suggested by a number of you and looks certain to make the shortlist.

So here’s another version of that that’s come in so far – couple with an altogether stranger suggestion – Pac-Man!

I’d say let your imaginations run wild – but they clearly have been!

Second half

Pac Man

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