Optimistic ideas

Posted on September 6, 2010




Without wanting to curb anyone’s enthusiasm, some of the ideas that have come in so far are a little on the optimistic side – or would require a finishing date more like October 2050!

Nonetheless, here’s a selection:

Call Fox News

Now I’m not knocking the intention, but adding a considerable amount of hair was never part of the original plan and adding this amount seems improbable in the extreme!

Of course, there are a bunch of other ideas that also include adding to the already substantial amount of hair.  This is a selection of some of these so far – and top marks to Stuart for his photoshop work…

It seems that stories about urban foxes are still on the agenda – wonder if the Evening Standard are going to run this one?

Perhaps not…

So, to finish the selection of beards I can’t grow – a couple that I can aspire to.

Maybe next time?

Amishion Impossible?

A wizard idea

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